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Do’s and Don’ts

When giving a home care regimen to someone who is very young or very mature, DO opt for milder products, especially cleanser and toner.

When the client comes in for a treatment and is dehydrated, dry and flakey, DON’T adjust their home care to something stronger. You may have to adjust it back or if not that dehydrated, keep it the same.

If a client is not dry or dehydrated, DO adjust their home care as directed in the Schedule of Product Usage.

Once a client is getting close to being out of a product, especially serums, DO consider strengthening the serum if they are still breaking out. You will need to test their skin with the new serum before giving it to them. If the client can tolerate the next level of serum (feels a 2 or less on a 1-10 scale of tingling, stinging, and/or burning), have them alternate the weaker serum with the stronger one until the weaker serum is finished, then continue to use the stronger serum every day.

Before you strengthen your client’s routine, check your client’s product usage to make sure they are compliant. DON’T strengthen their routine unless they are compliant with the current routine.

If your client was on antibiotics prior to seeing you, DO consider recommending a good probiotic.

DON’T give clients products that are too strong especially in the beginning. For example, we rarely give anyone Glycolic Toner or Mandelic Serum 11% or 15% Serum for the face. Those are only used with exceptionally tough acne, if tolerated; and we would never start a client with those strengths.

DO treat chest acne as you would face acne. The chest tends to be more sensitive than the back.

DON’T put moisturizer over or under Acne Med (benzoyl peroxide). It will stop the bpo from penetrating into the pore where it needs to do its work. DO use the water-based hydrator (Hydrabalance or Hydrating Emulsion) to layer under Acne Med.

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